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I established my independent legal practice in Kings Norton, Birmingham, on 4 July 2000.

Together with another Birmingham solicitor, John Hughes, I then helped to set up the Birmingham Sole Practitioners Group.

I run the Birmingham SPG website,

Past Birmingham personal injury claims

My Birmingham claims have included the following:

  • Claim against Solihull Transport. My client’s fingertip was severed while manhandling lorry crash bars. To see the client’s comments, please click here.
  • Claim against Sydenham Tool Company Limited. My client was operating a lathe. The lathe “spat out” the job at high speed, striking my client. This caused scarring. To see the client’s comments, please click here.
  • Claim against Belvoir Estates Limited. My client is a builder. He was laying a concrete floor, without adequate protective kneepads being provided. As a result of kneeling in the wet cement, his knees suffered a chemical reaction. To see the client’s comments, please click here.
  • Claim against TRW Conekt. My client is a factory worker. She had to operate a polishing machine in the Birmingham district of Shirley. As a result, she suffered a repetitive strain injury to her fingers. To see the client’s comments, please click here.
  • Claim against a care home in Moseley. My client was living in sheltered accommodation. Outside her flat the pavement was uneven, causing her to trip and fall. To see the client’s comments, please click here.
  • Claim against Balfour Beatty. My client was out walking in Birmingham City Centre one morning, near the junction of Corporation Street and Martineau Square. A large department store there was under renovation, from which some debris had fallen onto the pavement. My client slipped and suffered an injury. To see the client’s comments, please click here.

Past West Midlands personal injury claims

My West Midlands claims have included the following:

  • Claim against the Co-op. My client was a lorry driver in West Bromwich. The lorries in his lorry park were parked too close together. While trying to squeeze into his cab one dark winter morning, he slipped and suffered a hand injury. To see the client’s comments, please click here.
  • Claim against Enterprise. My client was a gas pipe fitter’s mate in Bedworth, near Coventry. Together with a colleague, he was required to push a gas pipe into a duct at an industrial estate in Warwick. Due to the length of the pipe and the awkward position, he suffered injuries to his back and shoulder. To see the client’s comments, please click here.

Claims against West Midlands Travel Limited

On several occasions I have run personal injury claims for elderly passengers on board buses run by the local bus company, West Midlands Travel Limited.

According to existing caselaw, if the passenger is elderly or infirm, then the bus driver must wait for the passenger to sit down before driving away.

In my previous cases against West Midlands Travel Limited, their loss adjusters have proved to be incredibly uncooperative.

Often it has been necessary to issue court proceedings against the bus company before they agree to pay compensation.

On one occasion the bus company’s loss adjusters turned up at the home of the independent witness. They subjected him to intense questioning about what happened.

In another claim against West Midlands Travel, their loss adjusters have tried to blame another local bus company, even though the client has never used their buses.

Claims against Birmingham City Council

I have also handled several pavement tripping injury claims against Birmingham City Council.

To read more about these, please see my separate page on pavement tripping claims. As you will see, many of these have taken place in Birmingham.

I am currently dealing with a claim arising from works in the Birmingham area of Selly Oak, at the junction of Reservoir Road and Harborne Lane.

I have handled two Birmingham tripping claims (firstly in Kings Norton and secondly in Kingstanding) where the pavement has been disrupted by work undertaken by the water company.

In those cases, Birmingham City Council blamed Severn Trent Water, which then came into the claim as a defendant.


I practiced in Birmingham from 1997 to 2003, when I relocated to Hampshire.

Despite this, I am continuing to act for several clients living in Birmingham and the West Midlands generally.

As well as Birmingham, I am willing to assist clients in the Black Country, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick and Coventry.

Normally I act for my clients on a no win no fee basis, using the Law Society’s standard conditional fee agreement, or CFA.

If you would like to discuss your potential personal injury claim, please either:

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  • Telephone me on 0845 021 2222, to discuss your claim personally.

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Boris Kremer.