Farm accident compensation

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One of my cases involved a Polish farm worker.

The farm where he worked was attached to an agricultural college, near Gloucester.

At the farm were roughly 400 diary cows.

Each morning, the cows would need to be fed.

They would eat “silage”, which is compressed grass.

Using a JCB mechanical excavator, my client would fetch an appropriate quantity of silage.

He would then place the silage into the automatic feeder in the cow shed.

The silage was located in roughly half a dozen very large open-air bays, with concrete walls.

To keep out the rain, the silage lay underneath a protective covering

To the keep the protective covering in place, my client was required to place old motor tyres over the top.

The difficulty was, many of these motor tyres were from lorries and tractors.

Such tyres were extremely heavy.

While moving these motor tyres around, my client suffered a back injury.

I have previously dealt with several compensation claims involving farm workers.

I have always found that the other side contest such claims vigorously.

So to strengthen the claim, we decided to get supporting photographic evidence.

Normally it is necessary to make a formal request for inspection facilities.

But again, based on previous experience, such requests are not always agreed.

So we decided to make an unofficial visit, to photograph the motor tyres.

More importantly, we needed to find out how much they weighed.

With the help of the Polish interpreter, we went to the farm, and we climbed on top of the silage.

Suitably armed with some bathroom scales, we weighed one of the tyres, while the client kept watch.

We carefully photographed the results.

After that, we left the area as quickly as possible.

Faced with this evidence, the opposing insurers quickly admitted responsibility for the accident.

The client successfully obtained his compensation.

I remember this case in particular, because of the unpleasant attitude of my client’s boss.

On one occasion the boss said to him: “If you don’t like it here, then go home to Poland”.

I also remember the rural isolation in which my client worked.

In the circumstances, doubtless some employers are ready to take full advantage, and make their workers do excessive lifting.

Farm accident compensation
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