By Telephone:

By all means ring me on 0845 021 2222 to discuss your potential claim. I will be delighted to hear from you.

If your call is an emergency and I am out of the office, then the switchboard will patch your call through to me on my mobile.

By E-mail:

Alternatively please e-mail me at bhmk108 AT (Please insert the @ manually. I have excluded it here as a simple anti-spam measure).

If you decide to contact me by e-mail, please give me as much information about your accident as possible. In particular I will need to know the following:

  • How the accident happened
  • What injuries you suffered
  • How many days or weeks you were absent from work
  • Whether there has been an admission of liability
  • Whether anybody is blaming you for what happened
  • Any other comments.

By Post:

Address: Cottes Way House, 8 Cottes Way, Hill Head, Fareham, United Kingdom PO14 3NE.

By Way of Service:

An important note for solicitors and other legal professionals.

Please be advised that the service of legal documents of any description by fax or other electronic means is not accepted, without express prior written agreement.

I use an outsourced switchboard operator service, and their staff do not have authority to enter into any agreements with legal implications.


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