Claims Handled

Work Accidents

The majority of my cases involve accidents at work, of which a significant proportion are back injury claims.

Some of my recent cases have been the following:

  • A back injury suffered by a Polish worker, at a cheese factory in Somerset. Read more…
  • A back injury suffered by a saw operator at a stone works in Sheffield. Read more…
  • A back injury suffered by a gas fitter at an industrial estate in Warwick. Read more…
  • A back injury suffered by an excavator driver, at a site in Swindon. Read more…
  • Multiple injuries suffered by a Romanian carpenter at a building site in London. Read more…
  • A foot injury suffered by a Polish fruit picker on a farm in Kent. Read more…

Pavement Tripping Claims

I also deal with claims against local councils in respect of pavement tripping accidents, under the Highways Act 1980.

Generally speaking personal injury claims of this type will succeed or fail depending upon whether the local authority can demonstrate an adequate system of inspection and maintenance of the defective pavement.

The position can sometimes be complicated by the involvement of contractors, or utilities firms undertaking works in the vicinity.

For a more detailed discussion of some of the legal issues arising in such claims, please click pavement tripping claims

Holiday Accident Claims

I am running a number of holiday accident claims against British tour operators for accidents during package holidays abroad.

In order to be able to litigate such claims in the English courts, it is necessary for the cost of the package holiday to comprise both the flight and accommodation.

Most of the holiday accident claims that I run arise from package holidays in Spain.

Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

Repetitive strain injury (also known as RSI, or work related upper limb disorder, or WRULD) is a frequent source of new enquiries for those seeking work injury compensation.

The majority of RSI sufferers tend to be keyboard or factory workers.

I am also acting for several clients who have suffered a back injury from repetitive lifting, over an extended period of time.

In such cases the major issue tends to be whether the system of work can be demonstrated to be the true medical cause of the condition.

Very often the defendants will try to argue that the condition has its origins outside work.